Category: 科研项目

Assistive Interfaces for People with Visual Impairments

This project seeks to enhance equal access of visually impaired people to the mainstream technologies. We focus on understanding users and developing interfaces which are effective and usable for our users. The studies include motion gesture interfaces for various applications...

Games Research

Games have become part of our daily lives. This project seeks to (1) improve gaming experiences and interaction techniques and (2) to apply games for the purposes of education, health, and social causes.

Smartphone Interfaces for Older People (JST)

Supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST), the Academy of Finland (AF) and the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes). It is one of the 3 selleted projects in 16 proposals.

Human-Engaged Computing

Human-Engaged Computing (HEC) is a study of the synergized interaction between humans and computers, as well as phenomena around the interaction.